1000 Houses Program, VIC

  • Project Value: $209m
  • Duration: 3 years (2019)
  • Project Team: Sensum - Infrastructure Advisory
1000 Houses Program, VIC

Sensum is currently working with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to deliver the 1000 houses program. DHHS is responsible for managing public housing in Victoria. Public housing is a form of long-term rental social housing available for people on low incomes, especially those who have recently experienced homelessness, family violence or have other special needs.

The Department currently manages approximately 66,000 public housing units across Victoria.

To meet its requirements for the ongoing provision of public housing in Victoria the Department, with Sensum, has established a panel of offsite contractors to deliver Modular Homes. Housing types to be included in the range of Modular Homes are intended to increase and improve the affordable housing options available within Victoria. The Modular Homes will comprise two categories of dwellings – standalone houses and multi-level units – with home sizes ranging from one to three bedrooms.

Modular Homes may be delivered as a single standalone dwelling or in clusters of multiple dwellings in any area of Victoria. The Department delivers services through eight geographical regions comprising three Melbourne metropolitan regions and five rural regions. The rural regions are:

  • Loddon Mallee Region
  • Grampians Region
  • Barwon – South Western Region
  • Hume Region; and
  • Gippsland Region

The panel has recently been announced and it consists of 13 manufacturers or consortiums, all based out of Victoria.


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