Caring For The Pack

Sensum. A place where you get bragging rights for what you do every day.

You get to work for a profit for purpose business, who’s interest in success is about success for their team and more importantly being able to give back to the community and the planet.



Caring for The Pack is part of our DNA.

So how do we put our team’s happiness and wellbeing first at Sensum?

  • We encourage open honest conversations, as well as tapping into our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) when Pack members feel they need extra support.
  • While most places provide 4 weeks of paid leave a year, we go above and beyond with additional paid days off annually, to celebrate you, yourself, your mind, and your contribution to the team – You Do You Days (YDY days). 
  • Mental, emotional, AND physical health is important! This is why Sensum also offers a Gym Reimbursement program for Pack members, we want everyone to get your sweat on!
  • There’s nothing like ‘shooting the breeze’ and having some fun to balance out work! We have a ‘Pack’ed activity schedule of ways Pack members can get involved and connect with team members across the business.
  • While our organization chart shows some levels of leadership in the business, all Pack members have touchpoints, with each other, leaders and team members to connect through check ins and monthly coffee roulette.
  • You know the saying, ‘sharing is caring’. We have regular ways that we both share information with The Pack and seek input and involvement.

Our relationship is symbiotic! We want you to grow as we grow.

All new Pack members come onboard through our Sensum induction; covering off everything about being part of the Pack, as well as initial meet and greets with Sensumites from across all offices.

We are developing:

  • A graduate program – the Wolf Cub Program, to support those with little or no experience in our industry coming into the Pack.
  • A development framework to give all Sensumites visibility over opportunities for growth and help to plan progression.
  • And, each Pack member will be supported to develop their own plan to drive their growth individually, reflecting both personal and professional goals.

All Pack members get involved in an annual performance review process and it’s two way. With check-ins both 6 and 12 monthly, all Sensumites have the chance to formally both give and receive feedback.

There’s also always opportunities for Pack members to get involved in our strategy and culture projects too, getting to work on the business not just in the business.

We know that the environment you work in has a huge influence on how you ‘show up’.

This means…

  • Depending on client and project expectations, each Sensumite has access to flexible working arrangements.
  • When the Pack are together in person, think open, flexible collaboration.
  • We may work hard, but we also have fun while we’re doing it. This is a place for personality, authenticity and being ‘real’. 
  • We are a family. All doors are open and Pack members are encouraged to have honest conversations and support each other.
  • With flexibility being the key, our systems and process support working from anywhere (well maybe not ANYWHERE). Pack members have what they need to smash their roles out of the park!

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