Communications and Change

With over 15 years' experience in communication, change management, consultation and engagement. We help projects and businesses create a positive experience for their people.

Communications and Change

Is your business or project experiencing:

  • A lack of understanding of the project drivers and benefits.
  • Increased misinformation – rumours and incorrect information become the main source of communication.
  • Misalignment between what is being delivered compared to the vision (or the stakeholder expectations).
  • Stakeholders that are demotivated and disengaged.
  • A drop in productivity levels either during the project or even after handover.
  • A possible reputational damage, loss of trust in the project or the business.

We believe that the secret sauce to project and business success is PEOPLE.

As project managers we drive the design and delivery of amazing spaces; we also know that it is the ideas, systems, processes, tools, behaviours, and mindset of people that influence the relevance of these spaces and how they are used.

The way a business or a project (whether it’s internal or external) presents itself creates an experience that can be either good (amazing, great, energising!) or an experience that is not positive for those impacted or involved.

When this is done well, trust is created, projects meet their timeframes and objectives, engagement is achieved and outcomes are positive.

When this is not done well, employees, stakeholders and sometimes communities begin to question motives, outcomes and have unrealistic expectations. There’s also the possibility of reputational damage.

We can help you create:

  • Where the scope of the project or business matches the needs of stakeholders.
  • Where the new system, process, building is used as it was meant to after hand over.
  • When you hear great things about your project or business from stakeholders.
  • When you know the project or business is trusted by stakeholders and any concerns that
    are raised are heard and managed.
  • With all stakeholders in the project or business pointing in the same direction and
    working together towards common outcomes.
  • With every action in the business or project working towards the right outcome.

We can support you to achieve this through:

  • Planning and delivering communications to internal and external stakeholders (including project teams).
  • Identifying the impacts of changes on people, processes and systems.
  • Developing and implementing plans to shift a project moving from its current to end state.
  • Communicating clear expectations and supporting stakeholders to be on the same page.
  • Considering how to measure the success of your business or project and planning metrics to support this.
  • Putting together content and designing communications to share the right message to the right people
    (at the right time!).
  • Creating strategies to engage and involve people.
  • Language and branded documents that tell the message of your project or business clearly, with the receiver in mind.


When change management is inadequate or ignored, the chances of bringing in a project on-time is only 14%, on-budget only 48%, and the possibility of a project meeting its objectives is only 15%.

*PROSCI The Correlation between change management and project success.

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