Elizabeth North Primary School

  • Project Value: $5m
  • Project Team: Architects: Das Studio

We are delivering permanent modular building upgrades to Elizabeth North Primary School to meet growing student and staff needs.

Initial concept plans for the capital works have been released. Among the upgrades being considered are:

  • Two new permanent modular buildings including general learning areas, services learning areas, breakout space, teacher preparation space, practice and withdrawal rooms, sensory room, student and disability access toilets.
  • Demolition of ageing infrastructure.

These plans are subject to further consideration and may change.

Modular Facilities

Our modulars are constructed by highly skilled builders in a controlled factory environment off site. Once complete, they are delivered to schools on the back of a truck and assembled onsite. This process can cut out up to half the time required for a traditional build, giving our clients the ability to deliver an exceptional quality architectural build in record timing.

The buildings are sustainable and innovatively designed, with a comparable lifespan to bricks and ​mortar structures. When working in a school environment, we are sensitive to the needs of that community. We are adept at managing projects to reduce disruption to students, staff, and teaching programs.

This project is part of the Victorian Government’s Permanent Modular School Buildings Program.  More information about the program is available on the Victorian School Building Authority’s Permanent Modular School Buildings Program page.