Kids Under Cover – Prefabricated Studios

Kids Under Cover – Prefabricated Studios

Sensum is delighted to support Kids Under Cover (KUC), a Melbourne based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness in Australia. As well as our considerable annual donations, we provide technical and industry specific advice on the manufacture and delivery of KUC’s prefabricated studios.

The KUC prefabricated studios support young people at risk of homelessness, families at risk of breakdown, kinship care, and foster carers seeking additional space to accommodate young people in their care. KUC offers one and two-bedroom prefabricated studios (with bathroom) which can be installed in the backyard of existing dwellings.

These studios provide support to young people and to their families or carers, while providing semi-independent living space for the young person to live and study. Once the studio is no longer required, it is relocated to accommodate another person in need.

The current structure of the studios is prefabricated. The entire kit is flat-packed with pre-assembled frames and transported via truck to the installation location. Studios can be erected and fully fitted out within 10 days. They are demountable and can be flat-packed for relocation up to four times, with a life-span of 20 years.


Studio Design

Kids Under Cover studios are made from Colorbond Energy Efficient material with windows and bench shelving units and other design considerations ensure energy efficiencies, such as the orientation of the studio, ventilation, insulation and double glazed windows.  Today, a Kids Under Cover studio has a 6.2 Star Energy rating.

Example of a Prefabricated Studio.

Photograph by KUC

Studio Description:

  • Design change in aesthetics of studios (additional windows & bench shelving units
  • Colorbond clad studios with modular frame construction.
  • S50 durra panels
  • Rated insulation
  • Additional design considerations to achieve energy efficiency include: orientation of studio, ventilation, insulated & sealed subfloor system, shading, double glazed windows and insulation to roof cavity.
  • To help reduce the financial impact on families and carers with a studio, we have implemented an energy efficient package to our studios, giving them a 6.2 Star Energy rating.
  • 6-star energy package includes double glazed windows, an insulated floor system, additional ceiling and wall insulation.
  • When a studio is located in an area with a Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO), they are installed with Bushfire Attack Level 40 compliance. There is no noxious foam based materials used.

The Durra Eco-Form/Modular Construction System:

  • Durra Eco-Form system used
  • Prefabricated, modular construction system based on a 1200mm grid
  • Internal walls and ceilings are constructed with a lightweight steel framework and durra panel. The steel framework is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel
  • Panels are made from wheat and rice straw fibre and turned into Durra panel
  • Durra panel forms the internal walls and ceiling. Properties include noise control, thermal insulation and impact resistance
  • A standard Studio uses concrete pads to form the foundation. Different types of foundation systems may also be adapted including; concrete plinth, or timber/steel foundation and above-ground stilt type construction
  • The system allows for a building to be disassembled into flat packages and stored at the end of its service life and to be relocated and rebuilt in another location
  • Durra Panel uses a sustainable design that has environmental benefits;
    • Low embodied energy – manufacturing process and use of local raw materials results in Durra Panel creating a low level of embodied energy.
    • Positive social impact – use of an agricultural biomass by-product in regional areas to provide additional economic activity.
    • Recycling and disposal – Durra Panel is biodegradable.
    • CO2 Emission sequestration – Durra Panel traps CO2 emissions that are in the atmosphere.
    • Indoor environment quality – No additive chemical binders are used in the process of making Durra Panel and as such it has very low VOC levels – healthier indoor environment.

For more information, please visit the KUC website.

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