• Project Value: The Peak 2 - $125,000 per site | The Gable - $63,000 (1 bed) $75,000 (2 bed)
  • Duration: Design is done - only takes 1 day to install!
  • Project Team: Grimshaw Architects | Andrew Simpson Architects | Nextform

Sensum were engaged by Nestd to provide structural engineering design services using Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) techniques and modular layouts. This involves the design team documenting the layout of the building to be manufactured offsite and assembled onsite.

We applied this approach on two of their housing options:

– The Peak 2 (by world-renowned Grimshaw Architects)
– The Gable (by the talented team at Andrew Simpson Architects)

The framing designs were developed in collaboration with the architect and Nextform (timber fabricator) to utilise the benefits of offsite construction and to standardise the assembly technique. This provided Nestd with the most efficient method of replicating the frame for ease of installation on many different sites to achieve consistent quality, price and program, and without bespoke design each time.

The result enables Nestd to pass the savings onto their customers and offer affordable homes that are compact, elegant, consistently high in quality and readily available.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) such as modular framing with offsite manufacture of buildings is fast becoming the preferred solution of delivering affordable housing in Australia.

Contact Sensum for a feasibility study on the potential of utilising DfMA techniques and offsite / modular construction on your next project.

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