Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, VIC

  • Project Value: $470m
  • Duration: 2018-2019
  • Project Team: Project Manager: Sensum (Secondment)
Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, VIC

Sensum were engaged as project manager, through a secondment role, for the support on the delivery of rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund. The RHIF program provides vital government funding to rural and regional health services and agencies across Victoria so these services can continue to provide safe and efficient care to local communities.

Established in 2016, the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund is the largest program of its type in Victoria and was created to improve:

  • Safety and quality of services
  • Enhance service capacity
  • Efficient models of care
  • Patient and staff amenity
  • Service efficiency


Care closer to home

The fund supports rural and regional health services across the state, so Victorians can access high quality healthcare, no matter where they live. This means people can access health care services within their own communities.

Support growing demand

Victoria is the fastest-growing state in Australia. That’s why the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund is helping rural and regional Victoria meet growing demand by upgrading public health and residential aged care services and providing them with high quality, modern equipment and facilities.

New or redeveloped facilities support more patients to access care locally. Modern e-health technologies enable health providers to work efficiently and to link patients in remote areas with the care they need.

Stronger local economies

Construction and upgrades of rural and regional health services provide opportunities for local trades and businesses to undertake project-based work.

The expansion of public health services can also provide ongoing employment opportunities for medical and healthcare professionals and create employment pathways for younger generations. The fund can help contribute to the economic viability of rural and regional communities and aims to improve livability now, and into the future.

Community support

The Regional Health Infrastructure Fund also supports Aboriginal community controlled health services, women’s health services and bush nursing centres. These services support rural and regional Victorians to access holistic care in a familiar environment. They can also create thriving hubs that encourage local health professionals to work collaboratively.

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