Relocatable Accommodation Service

  • Project Value: $100m (Annually)
Relocatable Accommodation Service

We have been the Program Coordinators for the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Relocatable Accommodation Service (RAS) Program until May 2020.

The program comprised of a fleet of approximately 5,500 relocatable buildings. These buildings are constructed in modules, transportable by road, that can be moved on site readily or, if required, lifted in and out of sites by crane.

The program requires extensive and robust management at both the program and portfolio levels. Sensum has provided professional, prompt, responsive, and flexible services including analysis and liaison, agreement management and administration, inspections and reports, and ad hoc services for the Department. Our role requires strong knowledge of Department policies, systems, and processes. We worked collaboratively with the Department to deliver quality outcomes.

The Department’s fleet included buildings of varying size, age and condition. We transferred relocatable buildings each year in response to school population fluctuations and related changes to area entitlements, as well as provided temporary accommodation during school capital projects or where school facilities have been damaged by fire or storms. Each building is comprised of a number of modules. The current dual classroom design comprises five modules. The modules are bolted together and can form a diverse range of buildings of varying sizes and configurations. Individual modules of the most recent design are 3.6 metres wide by 9.6 metres long.

Relocatable buildings are a cost-effective and flexible means of providing classrooms and other ancillary spaces in schools. They are most commonly used as general teaching spaces to supplement permanent school facilities. Some buildings provide specialist rooms such as music or science facilities, toilet blocks, or other special purpose spaces.

The number of transfers delivered under the RAS program  experienced significant and steady growth in recent years. The increase in demand stemmed from a combination of population growth, high density suburban developments, and emerging regional growth corridors. The program delivered more than 300 projects for enrolment growth in 2017/2018 and played a key part in solving evolving infrastructure demands.

Transfer services include:

  • Major refurbishment & transfer for enrolment growth.
  • Decanting Program.
  • Reinstatement Program.
  • Removals Program.

Procurement services include:

  • 5 module general purpose classrooms.
  • General purpose classrooms/special spaces
  • Staff admin buildings
  • 10 module (double-storey) buildings and 15 module (triple-storey) buildings
  • 1 module toilet facilities

Between 2015 and 2017, we also assisted the Victorian Government to safely remove asbestos-containing materials from 780 old asbestos-containing relocatable classrooms. This work was completed as part of the Victorian School Asbestos Removal Program.


Tarniet North Kindergarten

Project Team: Fleetwood

Sensum completed the new Tarneit North Kindergarten as part our Relocatable Accommodation Service. The project included 24 modules, making up three classroom spaces which each include a store room, reading nook, locker area and children’s amenities. The building also provides staff offices, kitchen and meeting rooms.

The project responded to major population and enrolment growth in the Hume City Council and supports their current preschool upgrades.



Carlton Gardens Primary School

Project Value: $1.28m

Project Duration: 2016-2017

Project Team: Grove Group

This project was Victoria’s first ever triple-storey relocatable classroom. We managed the manufacture and delivery of this milestone project in a record time-frame.

The previous double-storey building wasn’t equipped to accommodate the growing rate of enrolments at the school. Our solution meant that there was room for new students without impacting on valuable playspace.

To be ready for the commencement of the first term in the new year, we fast tracked this project for delivery during the Christmas holiday period. The new building is both high quality and conveniently relocatable.


Albert Park Primary School

Project Value: $2.5m

Project Team: Fleetwood

Albert Park Primary School is a popular inner-city Melbourne school. Following recent enrolment growth, the school required four additional teaching spaces. With three existing double-storey relocatable buildings and constrained space, there was no room for an additional building.

To solve the problem of schools with limited space and increasing demand, we commissioned the design of a triple-storey relocatable building.

At Albert Park Primary School, we removed the existing double-storey relocatable buildings and placed the new triple-storey building in the same location. The new building accommodates an additional 100 students, enabling the school to meet its growing enrolments without impacting on valuable play space. The existing double-storey buildings were successfully relocated to another school.

The project was completed over the Christmas holiday period to ensure minimal disruption to the school.


Craigieburn Kindergarten

Project Team: Grove

We completed the new Craigieburn Kindergarten for the Victorian School Building Authority.

Our relocatable kindergarten buildings can be built to accommodate a range of student group sizes. We work with expert principal designers to ensure that the new buildings are configured for early years education. Our project managers are highly skilled at delivering projects with complex functional and regulatory requirements. All of our buildings are accessible, with minimal impact to the environment.

The facility, which is within Newbury Child and Community Centre, responds to major population and enrolment growth in the Hume City Council and supports their current preschool upgrades.



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