Structural Engineering

The structural frame is an integral component of buildings that utilise DfMA techniques, such as modular buildings. With over 20 years’ experience in structural design solutions including modern methods of construction, we are the leading MMC consultant in Australia.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team works collaboratively with clients, architects, and contractors from the concept design stage to develop the frame in a coordinated approach, to achieve a practical and cost-effective method of construction.

Why engineering?

It’s thoughtful, it’s personal, it’s innovative… and that’s us!

Sensum are the undisputed front runners in the design and delivery of buildings using modern methods of construction (MMC). Led by our Principal Structural Engineer Simon McCarthy, our team has over 20 years’ experience in designing building structures for many sectors.

We’re accredited with the Professional Engineers Register Vic, NSW & the National Engineers Register

Our Services

  • Structural design
  • Advisory
  • BIM modelling for digital assets


We offer structural engineering services in the following areas:
  • Housing (residential, multi-family, affordable, social)
  • Education (teaching rooms for primary, secondary, and tertiary facilities)
  • Essential services (police, ambulance, fire stations)
  • Tourism (hotels and serviced apartments).
  • Aged care (accommodation wards)
  • Hospitals (medical centres, rehabilitation facilities)
  • Student accommodation (multi-storey)
  • Correctional facilities (cell / accommodation wings)

We also specialise in designing buildings for modular configuration using offsite construction.

For Clients

We bring you the peace of mind and confidence you need by taking a progressive, forward-thinking approach.

How we work with you to add value:
  • We take initiative to bring you value from creative concept design and high-quality service, which leads to early return on investment.
  • We work collaboratively with you to ensure we can create the best possible solution as a team.
  • Our engagement can be a substitute for early contractor involvement (ECI) which enables us to blend structural engineering and buildability solutions from early design stages without biases of one supply chain. This enables the tender process to be open to a wide variety of contractors.
  • From project inception to the end result – our work is all about people.


For Architects

We’re extremely passionate about integrating modern methods of construction to achieve your creative design vision.

The Australian Institute of Architects 2021 Client Feedback Report highlighted that 46% of clients want to know more about MMC – and we can confidently say we’re the experts!

Our knowledge of all forms of modern methods of construction is unmatched in Australia. However, this doesn’t take away from our years of experience in conventional construction and our ability to combine the two as a hybrid.

How we work with you to add value:
  • We take a collaborative approach – we’re accessible, curious, and interested in both you and the process.
  • We believe early design collaboration is imperative. Our approach to modular framing is adaptable to suit the varying requirements of all building profiles and materials. We participate in single source of truth modelling to create the most accurate, reliable solutions.
  • We take a proactive approach to make your life easier using 5D modelling and early integration of the structural framing to meet the architectural design intent. This allows for faster and more accurate progression of building design.


What gives us the edge?

We have designed more offsite than most, and we have specialised capability in multistorey offsite construction.



For Contractors

We are your connection between the architectural design intent and the buildability of the project. We have a great grasp of the modular market, the appropriate resources and supply chain to share with you.

How we work with you to add value:
  • Our approach to documentation crosses over between the design and the construction of buildings. This includes the incorporation of your preferred construction methodology and supply chain that can utilise 4D and 5D techniques.
  • We can work with you to find cost savings that don’t compromise any aspect of the intended outcome.
  • Our technical expertise is at your fingertips!


For MMC Fabricators

We provide you with the simplification of connections, design development, and refinement of the project kit of parts.

How we work with you to add value:
  • We can help you to refine your current designs for efficiency or review them to further increase the volume of deliveries.
  • We continue our collaboration with the design team to utilise single source of truth BIM models for the development of shop drawings.

Need design support for multistorey construction? We’re your go-to.


This is our passion!

We’re passionate about educating and demonstrating the benefits of modern methods of construction to deliver a better quality of life to our community and make a positive social impact.

Using MMC gives us the opportunity to be good ancestors through efficient design and sustainable materials that support the longevity of our environment.

34% clients are demanding more sustainable design to address climate change, and we’re seriously excited to be a part of this change.

Want to more about why we love MMC? Jump in here!


We collaborate to provide structural and civil engineering design services. Our partners include:

  • Civil Engineering firms such as QVA, Helix, CJ Arms





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